Notice of Project requirements

The constructor must provide a Notice of Project to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development prior to starting projects that meet the standards set out in section 6(1) of the Regulation for Construction Projects, O. Reg 213/91 Opens in a new window.

A Notice of Project is required if:

  • The project has a total cost of labour and materials expected to exceed $50,000 or $250,000 if the project is confined to a factory that manufactures or assembles automobiles;
  • The work is the erection or structural alteration of a building more than two storeys or more than 7.5 metres high;
  • The work is the demolition of a building at least 4 metres high with a floor area of at least 30 square metres;
  • The work is the erection, structural alteration or structural repair of a bridge, an earth-retaining structure or a water-retaining structure more than 3 metres high or of a silo, chimney or a similar structure more than 7.5 metres high;
  • Work in compressed air is to be done at the project;
  • A tunnel, caisson, cofferdam or well into which a person may enter is to be constructed at the project;
  • A trench into which a person may enter is to be excavated at the project and the trench is more than 300 metres long or more than 1.2 metres deep and over 30 metres long;
  • The work is the construction, over frozen water, slush or wetlands, of an ice road for vehicles, machinery or equipment; or
  • A part of the permanent or temporary work is required by this Regulation to be designed by a professional engineer.

You must have a signed copy of the Notice of Project posted at the project or available at the project for review.


Remember that while complying with occupational health and safety laws, you are also required to comply with applicable environmental laws.

Paper copies of the Notice of Project form can be obtained from ServiceOntario Publications.

The estimated total cost of labour and materials for the project must be entered on the Notice of Project form but the dollar amount will NOT be printed on your copy of the Notice of Project.